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Donation for Ukrainian literature

Dear friends and colleagues,

You have expressed us your support and solidarity during this difficult month, for which we Ukrainians are very grateful. Many of you have already asked how to help.

It is our request to everyone who knows us and wants to support us: Meridian Czernowitz collects donations that we will use for three needs:

  1. Institutional work of Meridian Czernowitz and Paul Celan Literary Center in Chernivtsi: rental and operating costs (heating, electricity, water) of the Center, accounting, taxes, minimal scholarships for the team (for highly qualified experts in the cultural sphere).
  2. Support for Ukrainian writers: authors of the Meridian Czernowitz Publishing House, as well as participants of the Meridian Czernowitz and Meridian Poltava Festivals of all years – our colleagues who are currently in financial difficulties.
  3. Support for the humanitarian initiatives of our writers and curators to support refugees and those left in Ukrainian war zones.

We have prepared 4 options for donation: transfer to a bank account in Ukraine, in Germany, Paypal or Western Union.

  1. Transfer to bank in Ukraine (Currency: EUR, USD)


Code of organization: 38791825

IBAN – UA423204780000026006924438806


Address of Beneficiary: Kobylyanska St.51 Chernivtsi 58000 Ukraine

Name of Bank: JSB «UKRGASBANK»

Address of Bank: Erevanska Str., 1, Kyiv, Ukraine

Purpose of payment: Charity support


  1. Transfer to bank in Germany (Currency: EUR)

Name of Beneficiary: Yevheniia Lopata

Name of Bank: Commerzbank

IBAN DE52 1004 0000 0809 1787 00



  1. Transfer via PayPal (Currency: EUR, USD)

[email protected]


  1. Transfer via Western Union (Currency: EUR, USD)

Name of Beneficiary: LOPATA YEVHENIIA

Telephone number: +380953306945

Country: Ukraine

*** In the case of Western Union: so that the money can be accepted into the account, we ask for information on the tracking number (MTCN) and the transferred amount after the transfer to the email [email protected].


🙏🏻 WE WANT TO THANK  people and organisations who supported us so far:

Verein translit e.V., Verlagshaus Berlin, Literaturhaus Zentralschweiz, Bundesland Kärnten, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, Pecunia Colatta e.V., DeutschSchweizer Pen Zentrum, Kantonsschule Baden, Lions Club Hamburg Moorweide, Gemeinde Schlierbach and private donors – friends and colleagues.


Our managers Evgenia Lopata ([email protected]) and Sviatoslav Pomerantsev ([email protected]) are always available to answer questions.

Many thanks and greetings from Ukraine,


Слава Україні!