Poets in Residence

Juri Izdryk and Evgenia Nesterovych / Ukraine

Juri Izdryk (1962) – writer, artist, musician; was born in Kalush, Ukraine, in 1962, and lives in Lviv, where he has edited the avant-garde literary journal Chetver since 1990. A prominent figure in Ukrainian alternative literature and culture, Izdryk is the author of four novels in Ukrainian: Wozzeck (1997), The Island of Krk and Other Stories (1998), Double Leon (2000), and AM™(2005). In 2011 he published a synthetic art-book «Underword», in 2013 – a collection of intimate lyrics “S”. Izdryks works are translated into Polish, English, Russian, German, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech, Croatian and Swedish.


Evgeniia Nesterovych (1988) – cultural critic, journalist, co-editor of art page on “Zbruc.eu”.

She was born in Poltava region, lives in Lviv.

Evgeniia writes for “Zbruc”, “Korydor”, “LB.ua”, etc.

Awarded with II Award for the best interview, Open Journalism Competition TEXT 2014