Poets in Residence

Irena Karpa / Ukraine

May 2014

Irena Karpa (Ukrainian: Ірена Карпа; born 8 December 1980 in Cherkasy) is a Ukrainian writer, journalist, and singer.

Since 1999 she was a frontwoman and songwriter of the band Faktychno Sami. Her first book appeared in 2000 when she studied in Kyiv National Linguistic University. After graduation from the University she traveled the South East Asia for a year. This sparkled the appearance of her book “Freud would cry”.

From 2005 to 2008, she worked on TV (ICTV, Inter and MTV Ukraine). In 2004 she was a film director of “Kyiv. Limited Edition” and later in 2006 starred in Oleh Anpilohov’s film “Autism” and A. Yakushenkov’s film “Compote”.

Irena uses some strong words in her books. Some of her works got translated into Polish, Czech, Bulgarian and Russian.

Photo from author’s Facebook page