Poets in Residence

Hendrik Jackson / Germany

June 2014

Hendrik Jackson * 1971, raised in Münster (Westphalia). Has lived in Cologne und Berlin. Studied film, Slavic languages and philosophy. Now lives in Berlin as a writer and translator. Co-founder of the action group “Lemma”, the “Berliner Lyrikspartakiade”, First Partner of the “Liaison für ahnungsvolle Umtriebe” (laum) and responsible for the website lyrikkritik. Has published his own poems and translations from the Russian in magazines such as Sprache im technischen Zeitalter, akzente, EDIT, kafka, as well as essays on poetics and film, and has also been active as an editor (transzendenzen, etc.), Among other awards, he has received a Rolf Dieter Brinkmann Fellowship, the Wolfgang Weyrauch Prize in the Leonce and Lena Competition and the Promotion Prize of the GWK Münster. (2006)

Publications (selection)

einflüsterungen von seitlich, Poetry collection, Morpheo Verlag Berlin, March 2001

Marina Zwetajewa – Poem vom Ende/Neujahrsbrief, Translation from the Russian, with afterword, edition per procura, Vienna/Lana 2003

brausende bulgen – 95 Thesen über die Flußwasser in der menschlichen Seele, edition per procura, Vienna/Lana 2004

Dunkelströme, kook-books, Berlin 2006.