Poets in Residence

Beatrix Kersten / Germany

August-September 2014

Beatrix Kersten, Master of Arts, studied Slavic studies, Eastern European history, philosophy and political science. She lives in Amsterdam and Annahyutte (Niderlauzits, Germany), write a thesis on the philosophy of religion, write the lyrics for documentary and educational films, independent audiovisual translator (subtitles) and literary texts in Ukrainian, English, French and Dutch languages. Together with her husband holds art house.

Beatrix Kersten translated from Ukrainian to German prose of authors: Otar Dovzhenko, Kseniya Kharchenko, Lyudmila Taran, Artem Cech, Anton Kushnir and Oksana Forostyny​​. However, the main focus of its activities include the translation of poetry. She has published translations of poems by Oleg Lyshety, George Izdryk Irene Shuvalov, Catherine Myhaylishyn-Onischuk, Constantine Moskalets, T. Malkovich, Oksana Luchyshynoyi, Gregory and Catherine Semenchuk Babkin.