Lyuba Evgenia / Ukraine

Lyuba Evgenia, born June 25, 1981 in the village Horbanivtsi of the Poltava region. Graduated from the Historical Faculty of Poltava State Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Korolenko.

Laureate of the International Ukrainian-German Literary Prize named after Oles Honchar in 2014. Laureate of the 3rd (2012, 2013) and II (2014) prizes of the literary competition of the publishing house „Smoloskyp“. Participant in the All-Ukrainian Meeting of Young Writers (Irpen, 2011). The works were published in Ukrainian Literary Newspaper, in the magazines „Berezil“, „Gold Pectoral“, „Art Fronts“, „Glass of Time“, in the almanac „New Prose“ and other editions.