Boris Reitschuster / Germany

1999-2015 head of Moscow office of German news weekly “Focus”, knowing nearly all the actors, including Putin, personally. Translator of Mikhail Gorbachev. “One of the leading experts on Russia” (Cicero news magazine). Welt (German daily): “Boris Reitschuster is considered Putins enemy number one among German journalists….better than him none has described Putins system of power…Putin himself quoted him”. A correspondent for the news agencies AFP and DPA, author of several bestsellers about Putin, contemporary Russian (“Putins demtatorship”), hybrid war “(Putins hidden war”) and live in Russia.

Lecturer at the “Institute for international politics and economy Haus Rissen” in Hamburg, a correspondent for Russia for the HuffPost Germany. Winner of several awards, amongst others the “medal of Theodor Heuss» (first president of the German Federal Republic).