Iryna Tsilyk / Ukraine

Iryna Tsilyk (born 18 November 1982) is Ukrainian writer and filmmaker.

Iryna Tsilyk was born in Kyiv. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinematography and Television named by Karpenko-Karyy summa cum laude. She has shot three short fiction films and works in a film industry at the moment.

Also, Tsilyk is the author of several books (poetry, prose, children’s books). Some of her works have been translated into English, German, French, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Romanian, Catalan; were presented at different international literary festivals and events, such as „Poesiefestival Berlin“ 2017, Leipzig Book Fair 2017, Frankfurt Book Fair 2016, „Lyrik für Alle“ (Babelsprech-conference, Salzburg 2016), Vilnius Book Fair 2016, “Meridian Czernowitz” (Ukraine, 2015-2016), Author’s Reading Month (Czech Republic, Slovakia 2016), Vilenica International literary festival(Slovenia 2008) and others.

Iryna lives in Kyiv together with her husband Artem Chekh and their son.

Photo by Olexandr Zubko