Halyna Kruk / Ukraine

Halyna Kruk (Lviv, Ukraine, 1974) is a poet, translator, children’s writer and literary critic. Halyna Kruk holds a PhD in Ukrainian Literature and is currently researching in Ukrainian medieval literature.  She is the author of five poetry books – Journeys in Search of a HomeFootprints on Sand (both 1997)The Face beyond the Photograph (2005)Co(an)existence (2013) and An Adult Woman (2017). Kruk has been published widely in literary journals and has won two international literary awards. Her poems were translated into more than 20 languages.

In addition, Kruk writes children’s poetry and fiction, which she publishes in children’s magazines and anthologies. In 2003 she won the Step by Step international competition for children’s books. Her Marko Travels Around the World and The Littlest One have been translated into 15 languages.

Halyna Kruk has been awarded the GAUDE POLONIA scholarship for the arts (Polish Ministry of Culture, Warsaw, 2003 & 2010) and the stipendium HOMINES URBANI in Villa Decius (Kraków, 2005). She has also participated in the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators’ program (Visby, 2007). She is a vice-president of the Ukrainian PEN and a professor of literary studies at Lviv National University.

Photo by Olexander Laskin