Ewa Stackelberg / Sweden

Ewa Stackelberg, born August 16, 1955, is a Swedish photographer and artist.

Ewa Stackelberg is educated at Gerlesborg School, Escuela Massana in Barcelona, Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Art. Since 1980 she has been working as a freelance photographer with a focus on artistic and documentary photography.

Stackelberg has exhibited in a number of museums and art galleries such as the Ethnographic Museum, the Arts Center in Stockholm, the Art House in Luleå, Nässjö Culture House etc.

Stackelberg received the Swedish Photographer Association Award „Best Photo Book“ in 2001 for Story for Living. The book came after her husband died in a 1997 flight accident and contains photograms of fragments of those of his things that were found in the wrong plane.

Together with the artist Nadja Ekman, Stackelberg developed a technique of combining photography and window glass called Pictoglas in the early 2000s. For the invention of this new technology, she was awarded the female inventor of the year.

Photo by Donald Bostrom