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Kateryna Babkina „Der Senf“

Kateryna Babkina was born in Ivano-Frankivsk in 1985.

Journalist, expert in public relations.

Author of poetic book: „St. Elmo`s fire“ („Vogni Svyatogo Elma“) (Lileya-NV, 2002), of prosaic book „Lilu After You“ („Lilu Pislya Tebe“) (Fact, 2008) as well as poetic and prosaic publications in  magazines „Suchastnist“, „Chetver“, „Forma(r)t“, „Kyivska Russ“, „Svyatyi Volodymyr“, „SHO“, „Kurier Kryvbasu“, RADAR, in newspapers, anthologies, electronic almanacs, etc.

Her poems are translated into Polish, English, German and Russian.

She creates a videopoetry. Her video works took part in film and literary festivals in Kyiv, Lviv, Sumy, Lugansk, Chernivtsi, Moscow, Vilnius, Valencia and Cracow.

Kateryna is a grant holder of the writer’s house in Ventspils, Latvia (2011) and of the program „DAGNY“, Krakow, Poland (2011).

Playwright, scriptwriter, participant of the Actual Play Week, Kiev, Ukraine, 2011.

Her book „Girtchytsya“  was published in September 2011.


It is a collected volume of the personal poems, rhythmical and rhymed, that have no vers libre and lifeless texts, instead of it there is a little of humour, bitterness, removal, sorrow, tenderness, of live noneliterary words and obscene words.

Author of the  accompanying text – Juri Andrukhovych

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