Participants 2013 Poets in Residence

Max Czollek / Germany

August 2013

Max Czollek was born 1987 in Berlin. After receiving his masters degree in political sciences (Freie Universität Berlin, June 2012) he has been working on his phd between London and Berlin.

In 2009 Max Czollek was a founding-member of G13, a group of young poets from Berlin. Since 2013 he is the German curator for the project “babelsprech” (2013-2015) aiming to establish a network among young German-speaking poets from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Czollek has been invited to various festivals among them the Zeitkunst festival 2011/2012/2013 and the “Poesiefestival Berlin 2011/2012. 2013 invitation to the International Residence Program for Poets and Poetry Translators “Meridian Czernovitz”.

His texts have been published in internet, magazines and anthologies, among them “Georg Heym. Ich bin von dem grauen Elend zerfressen” (2012, Lyrik Edition 2000), “40% Paradies. Gedichte des Lyrikkollektivs G13“ (2012, Luxbooks) and “Das war Absicht” (2013 SuKuLTuR). Czolleks celebrated poetry debut „Druckkammern“ (Verlagshaus J. Frank I Berlin) was published in march 2012.