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Karl Lubomirski / Austria-Italy

Karl Lubomirski, a lyric poet, born in 1939 in Hall, Austria. Has been living since 1962 in Italy (Torino, Milan, Rome, Brugherio), where he worked for German and Austrian companies until his retirement.

Already in school one of his essays was published in one of the bigger newspapers, so as a poet it didn’t take him long to find his unique style, the most of the time quite hermetical poem.

He has published 10 volumes of poetry, short stories and plays. His poetry has been translated into 17 languages (English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Hebrew, Georgian, Lithuanian, Azerbaijani, Chinese) and he has received numerous awards and prizes.

For more then ten years Karl Lubomirski was president of the P.E.N of Liechtenstein. Today he is still vice-president of the P.E.N. and he is a member of the Austrian P.E.N. of the Humboldt Society.