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Daniel Galay / Israel

Daniel Galay was born in Buenos Aires, in 1945. At a early age he started writing poetry and short stories in Yiddish and Spanish and in 1960 he received a prize from the Jewish World Congress for his story “Okser Nar”.

He lives in Israel and writes poetry, playwrights and texts for music-theater in Hebrew and Yiddish. In 1978, in Chicago, was presented his spectacle Sunburst Wheels based in his own texts and music. The Theater Festival in Acre (1987)  included  one of his playwrights, that was produced in Hebrew and in Spanish. In year 1990 he was co-founder and redaction member of the Yiddish Literature Publication “Naye Vegn” that in 1997 received the Shayber Literature Prize from Beyt Schalom Aleichem Naye Vegn appeared yearly and brought literature works in prose, poetry and dramaturgy of a new generation of Yiddish writers.

He published his playwright “Muscles” in Hebrew and his poetry book “Oyer Siluetn” in Yiddish.

It is worth to mention his chamber operas based in his own libretti. His poems were published in many countries and translated to different languages. He also wrote many articles in behalf of the Yiddish language and culture.

Since 2000 he is Chairman of the Association of Yiddish writers and Journalists in Israel, the

Israeli Center for Yiddish Culture and the H.Leyvik Publishing House.