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Iryna Vikyrchak

poetess, translator, photoartist

moderator of books presentations

Got higher education at the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and at the department of Geography at the Chernivtsi National Yuri Fedkovych University.

Winner of the contest of young authors “Chysti Rosy”.

2005 – poetry collection “Talk to an angel”.

2011 – co-authorof the photo-poetical book “TimeTrain: Chernowitz-Prag-Wien”. The book project was presented in Chernivtsi (Ukraine), Lviv (Ukraine), Klagenfurt (Austria). Presentations are planned for Leipzig (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Leukerbad (Swittzerland), Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria).

Poetical texts published in the almanac “Pershi Lastivky”, “Bukovyna Journal”,  “RADAR” magazine, Almanach of Poetry and Translations of the II International Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ” and online-magazine

Received “Future Leader’s Exchange Program” scholarship in 2004-2005 (Minot, ND, USA) and a scholarship of the DAAD (Munich, Germany).

Participant of the XXI International Poetry Festival in Medellin (Colombia, 2011), II International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ (Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 2011) and the 6th International Poetry Festival in  Lviv (Ukraine, 2011).

Iryna’s poetical texts are translated into English, German, Polish and Spanish.

At the time she is teaching English at the Chernivtsi National Yuri Fedkovych University and doing a research in Linguistics. Executive director of the Chernivtsi regional public organization “Cultural Capital”, which works in the sphere of cultural management and an International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ.

Photo by Vagelis Bekas