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Robert Serban


writer, journalist, producer and moderator of the television show “Pepper on tongue” (TVR Timişoara) and editor-in-chief at Brumar Publishing House

Was born in Turnu Severin, Romania, on October 4, 1970.

His debut volume was called Of course I’m exaggerating (collected poems, 1994, awarded with the Romanian Writers Union Prize for Debut). It was followed by Odyssex (poems, 1996), Pepper on tongue (interviews, 1999, for which he received the Prize of the Romanian Writers Union, Timişoara branch), On the trail of the Great River/ Auf den Spuren des grossen Stroms (coauthor, poetry and prose, 2002), Timişoara in Three Friends (coauthor, poetry, 2003), The Pink Book of Communism (coauthor, memoirs, 2004), The Fifth Wheel (interviews, 2004; Prize of the Romanian Writers Union, Timişoara), Feathertales/ Annus dazumal (prose, 2005), Home Cinema (poems, 2006, The Prize of The “Observator cultural” Magazine for poetry, The Prize of the Romanian Writers Union for poetry, Timişoara), Athenee Palace Hotel (coauthor, theatre, 2007), The Eye with Eaves (press articles, 2007). In 2008 he published together with Ioan Es. Pop and Peter Sragher the poetry volume A carriage loaded with nothing/ Ein Karren beladen mit nichts. His most recent book is called The para-fine death (poetry, 2010, The Prize of The “Luceafărul de dimineaţă” Magazine for poetry).

In 2009 the German translation of Home Cinema (Heimkino, bei mir) was issued in Germany by Pop Verlag, and in 2010 the bilingual volume Биоскоп у мојој куђи/ Home Cinema appeared in Serbia (at Meridijani Publishing House).

The Timişoara Branch of the Romanian Writers Union awarded him the Prize of Excellence in 2000. In 2002 Austrian Arlines granted him the honour to win the Prize for Excellence in Culture, and the City Hall of Timisoara rewarded him with the Diploma in Cultural Excellence in 2004.

He won a scholarship offered by the Soros Foundation (1995) and literary residencies in Krems (Austria, 2005), Thusis (2007, Switzerland) and Winterthur (2009, Switzerland).

His poems have been translated into several languages (German, Serbian, Polish, Czech, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Yiddish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic etc.) and published in numerous anthologies and literary publications in Romania and abroad.

He has been a member of the Romanian Writers Union since 1995.