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Ostap Slyvynskyi / Ukraine

poet, translator, critic, essayist

Ostap Slyvynskyi was born in Lviv in 1978.

He is the author of several poetry collections:

“Sacrifice of a Big Fish” (Lviv, 1998),

“Midday Line” (Khmelnytskyi-Kyiv, 2004),

“Ball in the Darkness” (Kyiv, 2008),

“Movable Fire” (Wroclaw, 2009, translated into Polish by Bohdan Zadura);

“Adam” (Meridian Czernowitz, 2012).

His poems and essays were translated into 13 languages.

He is a laureate of the B.-I. Antonych Literary Prize “Pryvitannya Zhyttya” (1997) and Hubert Burda Prize for young poets from Eastern Europe (2009).

Ostap Slyvynskyi translates from Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Belarusian.

He is co-author of the anthology of modern Ukrainian and Belarusian Poetry “Zvyazokrozryv” (“Сувязьразрыў”) (Kyiv, 2006).

He won the prize of the Polish Embassy in Ukraine for the best translation of the year of Andrzej Stasiuk’s book “Jadąc do Babadag” (“Travelling to Babadag”) (Kyiv, 2007).

He participated in many literary events in Ukraine and abroad, during 2006-2007, he was a coordinator of the International Literary Festival at the Publishers’ Forum in Lviv.

Ostap is a co-editor of the Polish-German-Ukrainian literary magazine “Radar” and he is a member of the editorial staff of the magazine “Europa Środkowa”.

 Photo Nadiyka Gerbish