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Grigore Chiper

poet, novelist and literary critic


Born in 1959, in Copanca village, in the Căuşeni district. Graduated in Moldova State University, with a Degree in Philology (1981). Since 1982, he has been a lecturer at Tiraspol State University (which in 1992, after the military conflict in Transnistria, was forcet to move in Chişinău). Also he is an associate editor for Contrafort magazine, for wich he writes a regular column.

Debute poems were published in the mid-1985. Member of Moldovan Writers and the Union of Romanian Writers, also a member of Moldovan PEN Club.

Published works: Abia tangibilul (Almost the Tangible, poetry, Chişinau, 1990); Aici, în falset (Here, in Falsetto, poetry, 1991); Perioada albastră (The blue Period, poetry, Bucharest, 1997); Violoncelul şi alte voci (Cello and Other Voices, Timişoara, 2000); Cehov, am cerut obosit (Chekhov, I demanded Wearily, poetry, Chişinău, 2001); Turnul de fildeş înclinat (The Ivory Tower Bent, poetry, Bucharest, 2005); Roman-simulacru (Feint novel, poetry, Cluj-Napoca, 2010).