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Pavlo Korobchuk

poet, musician, journalist


Pavlo was born in 1984 in Lutsk. He studied at the Department of Oriental Studies at the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Author of poetry books:

“Natschenebo” (“Smoloskyp”, Kyiv, 2005);

“Tsilodobovo” (with O. Kotsarev and B. Horobchuk) (“Fact”, Kyiv, 2007);

“Kayfolohiya” (“Fact “, Kyiv , 2010).

Laureate of the competitions:

“Nepovtornist” (2003), “Smoloskyp” (2004), “Molode Vyno” (2005), “Neosfera” (2006), “Pidkova Pegasa” (2006), “Literaturnyi Olymp” (2007), “Prosto Tak” (2008), “Pryvitannya Zhyttya” (2009), of the web-site competition (2010).

Winner of the ten literary slams:

slam at the festival “ZEX” (2006), Lviv Slam (2008), the Byelorussian-Ukrainian Slam (2008), slam in the TV-show “Shuster Live” (2008), German-Ukrainian Slam (2009), Kyiv literary Slam (2009 ), slam in the “Avenue” (2009), Kiev Higher League Slam (2010), etc; finalist of the First Ukrainian-Russian Slam (2007), Irpin (2006) and Khmelnitsky (2007) slams etc.

Pavlo Korobchuk’s works were published in periodicals: “Afisha”, “Politics and Culture,”Sho”, “Suchastnist”, “Kuryer Krivbasu”, “Kievska Rus”, “Nova Proza”, “Radar”, “Prosto Neba”, “Svyatyi Volodymyr “, etc.

Anthologies: “2 tonny”, anthologie of the II and IV International Festival in Lviv, Kharkiv Barricade-2, anthology of the English “suchukr” poetry, etc.

His literary and journalistic works regularly appear on websites,,,,

Pavlo is a participant of the literary events and festivals all over Ukraine, as well as in Berlin, Moscow and Minsk. He is a guest of the writer’s fund Literaturwerkstatt Berlin.

His works were translated into English, German, Polish, Lithuanian, Belarusian and Russian languages.