Participants 2019

The Mannerheim Line / Ukraine

The Mannerheim Line is a project that combines different concepts of sound, restores devastated communication, seals reality with strings and veins.

The Mannerheim Line is like a sound wall that restrains the penetration of silence into your reality, it’s a signal for those who are trying to come out black water to the shore, for those whose sense of rhythm is bound to a sense of love, and whose understanding of acoustics is interlaced with the understanding of the laws of nature.

This is a message for all of those who are not afraid of darkness. For everyone who is not afraid of light.

The band was created in 2017, it is made up of a poet and musician Serhiy Zhadan, a member of the group “Zhadan and the Dogs” Yevhen Turchynov, and also a former member of the band Orchestra Che – Oleh Kadanov.

Photo Julia Weber