Participants 2014

Piotr Sommer / Poland

Piotr Sommer (b. 1948) has published numerous books of poetry in Polish, including Czynnik liryczny (1986), Nowe stosunki wyrazów (1997),  Rano na ziemi (2009), Dni i noce (2009), Wiersze ze słów (2009). His collected poems, Po ciemku też, appeared in 2013. He has also published two books of essays Smak detalu (1995) and Po stykach (2005), as well as translations from contemporary American, English and Irish poetry. Przed snem (2008) is his book of poems for children, and Ucieczka w bok. Pytania i odpowiedzi (2010) is a book of interviews with him. Books of his poems appeared in English, German, Slovak, and Slovene. Sommer is the winner of several literary awards, including the Silesius Poetry Award granted for “Outstanding achievements”.