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Petro Rykhlo / Ukraine

specialist in literature, translator, Doctor of Philological Science

moderator of poetry readings

Petro Ryhlo is a specialist in literature, a translator. He is the Doctor of Philological Science, The professor at the Department of Foreign Literature and Theory of Literature at Chernivtsi National University. He is a member of the Association of the Ukrainian Writers. He is the author of the works in German and Austrian literature, of the German literature in Bukovina, of the numerous translations (P. Celan, Y. Zoyfer, I. von Rezzori, J. Burya, R. Auslander, M. Shperber, K. Lybomirski, I. Drozdovski, R. Flinker, etc.). He is the author of the anthology of German Literature of Bukovina.

Foto – Olexandr Zubko