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Milena Findeis



Milena Renate Findeis (1957) was born in Graz (Austria); and has been working in the sphere of Public Service and Communication since she turned 14. Having worked several years on the Formula 1 race track in Zeltweg, she continued to work in Zell am See, Frankfurt and Prague. Currently she is a marketing manager for the “Josef and Maximilian” hotels in Prague.

She has issued a literary on-line magazine Zeitzug ( since October, 2008. Her photos are printed in Austrian, American and Ukrainian media. Milena Findeis has done photo-illustrations for Igor Pomerantsev’s book “Wineries”, contributed ideas and concepts for the brochure “Check out Josef, check in Maximilian”, as well as photos for the “Gottland” book cover (the book was published in Ukrainian by “Granit” publishing house) and a poem and photo book ” Zeitzug: Czernowitz, Prag, Wien” together with Iryna Vikyrchak.