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Khrystia Vengryniuk / Ukraine

coordinator of the stage of young poets

E-mail: [email protected]

Khrystya Vengrynyuk (1987) – postgraduate student at the Chernivtsi National Yurii Fedkovych University.

She writes a PhD thesis in literary studies.

Khrystya is the author of two prosaic collections:

1. “Katarsys” (2005),

2. “Golyy NarKOTYK” (2006),

and of the poetic collection:

1. “Boh u Stini” (2008).

She is the co-author of the anthologies:

1. of the young Bukovinian writers “Pid Prostyradlom / Pit Prostyradla” (2006);

2. Almanac” of The Fourth International Literary Festival within the framework of the 16th International Book Fair “Publishers’ Forum” in Lviv (2009);

3. of the erotic art festival “Bereznevi Koty” (2010);

4. Sny Ukrainskyh Pysmennykiv” (“Dreams of the Ukrainian Writers”) (2010);

5. of the festival “Meridian Czernowitz”.

Khrystya published her works in such periodicals as:

“Bukovynskyy Zhurnal” (2004, 2007),

“Kyiv Russ”(2008),

“Trohy Kultury” (2008),

Tygiel kultury” (PL) (2010).

She is the organizer and participant of various literary and artistic events and the co-founder of the videopoetic group “Pharmakon”. Khrystya makes video and filmpoetry and prose. Her evenings of the video art were presented at various festivals, including the opening of subsidiary of the young organization “Ostannya Barykada” in Zaporizhya, at the “Mahnofest” in Gulyaypole, at the “Book Publishers’ Forum” in Lviv, at the “GOGOLFEST” in Kyiv, at the videopoetry festival for the countries from the near abroad “Pyataya Noga” within the framework of the Moscow Poetic Biennale 2009, at the International Festival of Mediapoetry “Ventylyator” in St. Petersburg, at the festival of erotic literature “Bereznevi Koty” in Uzhgorod, within the framework of the retrospective evening of the world videopoetry in Krasnoyarsk, at the literary and arts festival “Tekstura” in Kharkov, at the festival “Meridian Czernowitz” and many others.

Khrystya is a grant-aided student of the Polish Government programs for young scientists in the field of literary studies (2010, 2011).