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Juri Andrukhovych / Ukraine

poet, prose writer, translator, essayist


Juri Andrukhovych was born 03.13.1960 in Stanislav (now Ivano-Frankivsk). He graduated from the editorial department of the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute in Lviv (1982) and literature courses at Higher Literary Institute in Moscow (1991).

Author of poetry collections “Nebo i Ploshi” (1985), “Seredmistya” (1989), “Ekzotychni Ptahy i Roslyny” (1991), “Ekzotychni Ptahy i Roslyny” with the addition of ” India” (1997, 2002) and “Pisni Dlya Mertvogo Pivnya” (2004).

In the center of his prose works there are novels “Recreation” (1992), “Moskoviada” (1993), “Perversiya” (1996), “Dvanadtzyat Obruchiv” (2003) and “Zamist Romanu”, “Tayemnytsya”(2007).

Andrukhovych’s essays were published in two collections – “Dezoriyentatsiya Na Mistsevosti” (1999) and “Dyavol Hovayetsya V Syri” (2006).

In 2011 the author published “Lexicon intimate cities”. This is the first prose book project, which took place in the International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ.

Andrukhovych’s works were translated and published in Poland, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Serbia, USA, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic. Selected publications – in Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, Lithuania, of Denmark.

Among a number of his literary awards:

Herder Prize (Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Hamburg, Germany, 2000);

Special Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize (Osnabrück, Germany, 2005);

Leiptzig Book Prize for European Understanding (2006);

Central European Literature Award “Angelus” (Wroclaw, Poland, 2006).

Photo – Olexandr Zubko