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Igor Pomerantsev / Great Britain-Ukraine

poet, essayist, journalist at “Svoboda” radio, wine critic

moderator of wine and poetry readings and book presentations

“I was born in Saratov on Volga in 1948, grew up in Chernivtsi. My father was a journalist, so writing for me was an everyday practice. If my farther had been a carpenter I would have enjoyed working with wood, its structure, its smell and its warmth. My favorite language “wood” is poetry. Even working with radio sounds, a sort of “air carving” for me, I am still a poet saying nothing of my being a prosaic and essay writer. Today, looking back, it’s better understood which materials I have been working with all my life: with air, soil, moisture and, of course, language. Everything else is written in books”.

Photo – Olexandr Zubko