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Grygoryi Semenchuk

poet, publicist, musician, organizer and high-minded inspirer of the art events


Grygoryi Semenchuk was born in 1991 in Khmelnytsky. He is the organizer of the numerous slams and poetry events in Khmelnitsky (2005-2007 year). Grygoryi  is the coordinator of the literary project “West Front of Young Poetry” (with O. Vaskiv) (2007-2008).

He is the columnist, literary coordinator of Lviv socio-cultural periodical “Prosto Neba”, chief coordinator of the International Literary Festival within the framework of the Publishers Forum in Lviv (2009, 2010). Together with Yuri Izdryk he established the multimedia project “DrumTyAtr”.

Grygoryi Semenchuk participated in the numerous art festivals in Ukraine and abroad: “LitTer”, “Pid Znakom Vodiliya”, “Ekle-2”, “Nova Abetka”, “Kievska Barykada”, “Den Nezalezhnosti Z Makhno”, “Kievski Lavry”, “Fortmisiya”, “Potyag Do Yaremche”, “Porto-Franco”, “Art-Pole”, “Biennale Poetiv U Moscvi – 2009”, “Rozkuttya”, “Bereznevi Koty”.

His separate publications appeared in the anthology “LyaLyaK” (LA “Piramida”, Lviv. 2010), in the almanac of the International Literary Festival (Lviv. 2009, 2010) and many different magazines and periodicals including “Prosto Neba”, “Tygel Kultury”.

Grygoryi’s poems were translated into Russian, Polish, German, French and Byelorussian languages.