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Dmytro Lazutkin / Ukraine

Dmytro Lazutkin was born in November 1978 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

He participated in the First Literary Festival at the Lviv Publishers Forum (2006), Magnus Ducatu Poesis (Minsk, 2006), Independence Day with Makhno (Huliajpole, Ukraine, 2006), CEKH (The Workshop, Kharkiv, 2006), the Moscow Festival of Vers Libre (2005), the Moscow Poets’ Biennale (2003), among others. His poems have appeared in Chetver (Thursday),Potyah 76 (Express 76), Kurier KryvbasuKolekciaTrytonFuturumart etc.


In Ukrainian:

Dakhy (The Roofs), Kyiv, Granoslov, 2003
solodoshchi dlia plazuniv (sweets for reptiles), Kyiv, Fakt, 2005
nabyti travoju sviashchennia korovy (grass stuffed sacred cows), Kyiv, Smoloskyp, 2006

In Russian:

Paprika Grez (Sweet Pepper of Dreams), Moscow, 2006.

Foto – Olexandr Zubko