Participants 2014

Daniel Falb / Germany

Daniel Falb (born 1977, Germany) has lived in Berlin since 1998, where he studied Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science and is currently working on a doctoral thesis. Falb writes poetry which has appeared in a wide range of journals and anthologies. In his apparently fragmented poems there is a tension between scientific jargon and everyday language, ironised pathos and matter-of-fact speech, accompanied by an all-dominating laconicism. Falb continually plays off sociological and biological determinism of the individual against the individual’s redemptive search for meaning.
Daniel Falb’s awards for his poetry include the Prenzlauer Berg Literature Prize (2001). His debut collection, “die räumung dieser parks” (“the clearance of these parks”) was awarded the Poetry Debut Prize of the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (2005).