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Literaturwerkstatt Berlin

The Literaturwerkstatt Berlin is a place where authors from all over the world can come to meet their audience from Berlin and Germany. It promotes German  literature abroad, and in turn brings foreign-language literature into the German-speaking countries. It presents new literature in a variety of media contexts and organises publicity for types of verbal art which are not currently the focus of media attention. Its activities, which are valued both at home and abroad, can be divided into four main areas: international networking; the cultivation of poetic forms; poetry-related campaigns and productions using a broad spectrum of arts and media; and support for aspiring young writers.

Over 100 organised events a year are a testament, not only to the productivity of this work, but also to that of literary life itself.

The Literaturwerkstatt Berlin sees itself as a hinge around which the production, reception and exchange of art can revolve; it is an interface between text and author, but also publicity, media and international exchange, producing projects with a variety of media.

A good evening at the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin typically consists of a workshop-style conversation with authors about the stories that lie behind their words, what the words mean, and how they were aesthetically combined to produce the resulting artwork.


Meeting of director of the Literaturwerkstatt Berlin -Thomas Wohlfahrt with president of the international poetry festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ – Svyatoslav Pomerantsev in Berlin, December 2010