News Prize BUK

International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ invites entrants to participate in the competition and non-competition programs of the International Video-poetry Prize BUK 2012

Video poetry prize BUK takes place during the festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ for the third consecutive year. This year it has expanded to a combination of competitive and non competitive programs.

The winner of the Ukrainian competitive program will be invited to attend the Third International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ which includes reimbursement of travel expenses with free accommodations on arrival and the opportunity to attend all events of the festival. The winner’s video will be presented with the other programs in Meridian Czernowitz at the Ukrainian and international literature festivals, poetry festivals, film and video festivals in 2012 – 2013.
The formation of the non-competition program in the International BUK prize is intended to revive interest in the genre and introduce Ukrainian artists and interested individuals with the most modern works of artists from different parts of the world. Foreign directors and video artists will be introduced to a new community of potentially interested spectators. The best videos from authors around the world will be put together into a 50-minute program and presented at the festival.  Shows will be held in Chernivtsi, Khotyn and Kamianets-Podilsky during the festival, as well as in other cities of Ukraine throughout the year.
Deadline for video entries and application forms for participation is July 25. Participants whose videos are accepted will be notified between August 15th to the 25th.
BUK prize will be awarded to the best video poetry work. Videos must be: made during last 3 years, last less then 10 minutes, be created by a Ukrainian artist or artistic group, and be based on poetry.  Applicants must own the rights for the submission and screening of their works at the contest. All videos which contain text must have English subtitles.
The application form for the BUK competition can be found by visiting the festival page here or can be requested directly from the curator Kateryna Babkina at
Non-competition program
We invite authors without national and geographical restrictions who are interested in distributing their works and information in the Ukraine.  To participate in the program videos must: last less then 10 minutes and be produced during last 3 years. Any videos containing text are to be subtitled in English, Ukrainian or Russian (whichever applies), or the application form should contain translation in English, Russian or Ukrainian (whichever applies)  approved by the author (to prepare subtitles).
The application form for the Non-competition BUK programs can be found by visiting the festival page here or requested directly from the curator Kateryna Babkina at
Works and application forms will be accepted by e-mail. Please send a link to download the video and completed application form to the curator Kateryna Babkina at

The 3rd annual International Poetry Festival MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ will be held in the West-Ukranian City of Chernivtsi, from September 6th, to September 9th, 2012. This event focuses on modern European poetry; It’s main goal is the develoupment of dialogue between the poets of Ukraine and their colleagues abroad, bringing Czernowitz back onto the cultural map of Europe.

This year, the events of MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ will take place within the Podilya-Bukovyna tourism cluster, under the motto: “One Festival – Three Cities: Kamyanets-Podilskyi – Khotyn – Chernivtsi”. 

The participants of the festival hail from all over, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britian, and the USA, and will visit both Khotyn and Kamyanets with poetry readings and performances, while the city of Chernivtsi will remain the main “stage” of the Festival.

The program includes poetry readings, lectures, book presentations, theatrical and musical performances, poetry in animation and film, and musical performances.