Participants 2015

Christoph W. Bauer / Austria

Christoph W. Bauer (born 1968 in Kolbnitz) is an Austrian author. He grew up in Lienz and Kirchberg in Tirol and is currently living in Innsbruck.

His works have been awarded with the Prize of the Academy of Graz (2001), with the Reinhard-Priessnitz-Prize (2001) and the Prize for Lyricism by the city Innsbruck (2002). Furthermore he won the 2002 Audience Award of the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Competition in Klagenfurt. Christoph W. Bauer was also chief editor of the literary journal Wagnis.

Christoph W. Bauer explains his work as a continuation of existing traditions. He identifies himself with a poeta legens, who finds, changes, renews and continues topics from the world literature.


  • wege verzweigt, poems, Haymon, 1999
  • die mobilität des wassers müßte man mieten können, poems, Haymon, 2001
  • fontanalia.fragmente, poems and prose, Haymon Verlag, 2003
  • Aufstummen, novel, Haymon, 2004
  • supersonic, poems, Edition Korrespondenzen, 2005
  • Und immer wieder Cordoba, radio play (premiere: ORF Landesstudio Tirol, 2006
  • Ahoi!, poams Haymon Verlag, 2007 (Hrsg.)
  • Miles G., play (premiere: 1 March 2007, Westbahntheater/Innsbruck)
  • Im Alphabet der Häuser. Roman einer Stadt, Haymon, 2007
  • Graubart Boulevard, Haymon, 2008

Photo – Florian Schneider