Are you going to Chernivtsi?

Here’s some information that can help you out:
1. In case you travel from the Western Europe you may get help from our partners:
– Wisent Reisen Travel agency
2. We recommend these hotels to stay in Chernivtsi:
Bukovyna Hotel;

Georg Palace Hotel;

Hotel Premium.

and others.

3. The Hostel in Chernivtsi:
TIU Chernivtsi Backpackers www.hostelsinchernivtsi.com on facebook, vkontakte

– Yard Hostel & Coffee Shop on facebookvkontakte

4. Taxi Service phones:
+38 (050) 33-85-111
+38 (066) 13-59-111
+38 (098) 97-11-111
+38 (063) 35-85-111
+38 (094) 99-17-111

[email protected], [email protected]

MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ is an International poetry festival that started in 2010 in Chernivtsi. This event is based on the cultural heritage of Chernivtsi. The goal of the Festival is to bring the city of Chernivtsi back onto the European cultural map and contribute to the further development of the dialogue between the modern Ukrainian poets and their colleagues abroad.

Among the participants of MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ – famous and recognized poets from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine. However, the main participant of the Festival is the city itself that hosts numerous poetry readings, lectures, discussions, book presentations, poetry promenades, poetry-musical & wine-cigar-poetry readings and theatrical performances.

In 2011 MERIDIAN CZEROWITZ has started our own publishing activity. New works of the famous writers such as Yuri Andrukhovych and Igor Pomerantsev are among our projects.

MERIDIAN CZERNOWITZ is keeping on constant development, experimenting, provides the guests with the new formations, new themes, new places.