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Andre Pashalyk



He was born 18.12.1979 in Chernivtsi (Ukraine).

In 1989 he moved in Germany where he still lives in Düsseldorf and Mannheim.

In 2oo2 he moved to Italy where he studied visual art in Asti.

In 2oo3 Andre returned to Meinz (Germany) and studied in vocational technical school for sculptors till 2006.

In 2oo4 he led the restoration work in Hyeres (France).

In 2oo7 he exhibited his works named “STONETECH” in Collobrieres (France).

Since 2oo8 to 2oo9 he participated in the workshop of kinetic works in Ladenburg (Germany).

At the same time in 2oo8 he opened the exhibition “TIMERELATION” in Benzheim (Germany).

Since 2oo8 till 2o1o Andre participated in the thematic commissions in Zurich (Switzerland).

In 2o11 he opened the exhibition “KINEIC LYRICS” in his native city Chernivtsi (Ukraine).

Already in school Andre began to notice a leaning to such subjects as Mathematics, Physics and Art.  He combines all these things to cause a sense of effects such as wind, water or the mechanics of life. The result is his kinetic sculptures. They are characterized by a variety of components, the harmony between metal, wood and stone, which he uses to provide an abstract current of movement to his sculptures.

His goal is to create a perpetual motion machine.