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Sophia Andrukhovych / Ukraine

©Olha Zakrevska

Sophia Andrukhovych is Ukrainian writer and translator. She was born in 1982 in Ivano-Frankivsk, formerly known as Stanislav. One of the cultural centers of western Ukraine, the city is known for what has been termed the “Stanislav phenomenon” because of the curious fact that this rather small town is home to an unusually large concentration of postmodern writers. She has authored five books of prose to date: Milena’s Summer (2002), Old People (2003), Wives of Their Husbands (2005), Salmon (2007), Felix Austria (2014) and Amadoka (2020). Felix Austria was awarded the BBC Book of the Year prize in 2015. Her works have been translated into English, Polish, German, Czech, and Serbian.

Sophia Andrukhovych is daughter of famous writer Yuri Andrukhovych. She is married to a Ukrainian writer Andriy Bondar and lives in Kyiv.